It is highly recommended that you visit the Relationships page for an organized listing of the graves. Below is an alphabetic listing of all the graves contain on the map.

Ruth Cox Adams
John W. Alvord
Aaron Anthony
Susan B. Anthony
Ottilie Assing
Hugh Auld
Lucretia Auld
Sophia Auld
Thomas Auld
Tommy Auld

Betsy Bailey
Harriet Bailey
Ebenezer D. Bassett
James G. Birney
Montgomery Blair
Edward W. Blyden
Anthony Burns
Edwin Booth
John Brown
William Wells Brown
Blanche K. Bruce
Ann Catherine Lloyd Buchanan
Allan A. Burton

Salmon P. Chase
Henry Clay
Grover Cleveland

George M. Dallas
George DeBaptiste
Martin Delany
Eliza Griffiths Dick
John Dick
Anna Dickinson
Louisa Dorsey
Paul Laurence Dunbar
Anna Murray Douglass
Annie Douglass
Charles Remond Douglass
Frederick Douglass, Jr.
Helen Pitts Douglass
Lewis Henry Douglass
George T. Downing

John G. Eaton, Jr.

Richard S. Fay
Thomas Fortune
Abby Kelley Foster
Stephen Symonds Foster
John C. Fremont

James A. Garfield
William Lloyd Garrison
Bancroft Gherardi
Joseph Graham
Ulysses S. Grant
Horace Greeley
Shields Green
Martha W. Greene
Richard T. Greener
James M. Gregory
Julia Griffiths
Leonard A. Grimes
Rev. Francis J. Grimke

John Marshall Harlan
Benjamin Harrison
Rutherford B. Hayes
William “Jerry” Henry
Oliver Otis Howard
Samuel Gridley Howe
Florvil Hyppolite

Andrew Johnson
James Weldon Johnson
Oliver Johnson

John Kagi
Sylvester Koehler

John Mercer Langston
Edmonia Lewis
Abraham Lincoln
Sara Jane Lippincott
DeCourcy Lloyd
Edward Lloyd V
Rev. Jermain Loguen
Toussaint L’Ouverture

Shadrach Minkins
Oliver Perry Morton
Stephen Myers

William Cooper Nell

Theodore Parker
William Parker
Fredericka Sprague Perry
Wendell Phillips
Marshall Pierce
Parker Pillsbury
Pinckney Benton Stewart Pinchback
James P. Poindexter
Samuel C. Pomeroy
Samuel Porter
Amy Post
Isaac Post
Dr. Charles Purvis
Robert Purvis

James Redpath
Charles Lenox Remond
Anna Richardson
Ellen Richardson
George L. Ruffin
Dr. David Ruggles
Isaiah Rynders

Amanda Auld Sears
Victor Schoelcher
Dred Scott
Franz Sigel
Robert Smalls
Gerrit Smith
Dr. James McCune Smith
Nathan Sprague
Rosetta Douglass Sprague
Edwin Stanton
Elizabeth Cady Stanton
George Luther Stearns
Thaddeus Stevens
William Still
Harriet Beecher Stowe
Charles Sumner

John Thomas
John L. Thomas, Jr.
George D. Thompson
Theodore Tilton
Sojourner Truth

John P. Usher

Benjamin Wade
Henry O. Wagoner
Booker T. Washington
Ida B. Wells
Andrew D. White
George Washington Williams

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