Welcome to the Graves of Frederick Douglass. This project has the goal of identifying and acknowledging those who influenced the development of noted abolitionist and author, Frederick Douglass. On this site you will find maps and information regarding some of the people who impacted Douglass’ childhood, education, escape, and ultimate development into one of the greatest orators and leaders in American history. In particular, this project seeks to locate and highlight the final resting places of as many of Douglass’ contemporaries as possible. By creating a resource of burial locations, the hope is that you might be motivated to visit some of these historical figures and reflect on their own lives and the influence they exerted on Frederick Douglass.

While you are free to explore the interactive map of graves below, more detailed information on the people contained in it and their connection to Douglass can be found by visiting the Relationships or Index pages. It is also recommended that you visit the About the Project page to learn more about what this site has to offer.

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